About Us

Here we are with our own roasting company.  But how did we get here?  In his previous life, John was using coffee pods for his daily coffee fix.  Gina gave him plenty of grief about this and quickly introduced him to freshly roasted and brewed coffee.  When trying to figure out where they were going to live, Gina even clarified that she wanted a coffee shop within walking distance of their house.  John had one better for her and was determined to make the best cup for her at home.  The slippery slope of videos, books, and tutorials ensued.  He started this adventure roasting on a used popcorn popper.  As more friends and family were asking for their own bag, we had the crazy idea to start a company.  John uses his love of science and chemistry to perfect each roast he does.  Our goal is to provide high quality, fresh coffee to our community and some helpful tips and tricks to make it the best home brewed cup for you.